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13 September 2013 @ 01:33 am
"To Be Worthy" (Guy/Marian- Historical Romance- PG 13): Chapter VI  

SUMMARY: Betrayed by his latest master and mocked by the cruel hand of destiny, Sir Guy of Gisborne returns to Nottingham twenty years after his banishment determined to reclaim the life which should have been his.

A/N: Set in an alternate Series 1 where Guy has never met Vasey before his arrival in Nottingham, this fic will explore what impact an earlier acquaintance with Marian might have had on Guy's life and ultimate fate.

AUTHOR: lexie aka lillianschild

RATING: PG-13/R (probably in later chapters)

PAIRING: Guy/Marian

GENRE: Romance

DISCLAIMER: Tiger Aspect Productions and the BBC are free to claim whatever they own of this piece, except Guy's thoughts and and my words, which are ours to keep. lol




You must be strong. Close your eyes and think yourself elsewhere. Think of Sherwood and riding carefree in the woods, where once upon a time your cheeks blushed and your heartbeat quickened with a couple of chaste kisses robbed by the boy who you dreamt would be your husband one day.

How different were these plundering lips, which looked only to gratify their owner, from the warm and electrifying brush of another pair which last night sought to worship rather than steal or dominate.

Marian hated being out of her depth and found herself praying Winchester couldn't see through her inexperience to discover the feelings of revulsion and impotence that were barely contained. As little patience as she had with courtly games, she preferred them to this forceful submission which did nothing but rob her of her sense of dignity and dreams of independence.

“Just breathe deeply and don't do anything that might make him doubt your sincerity,” she told herself the moment she felt one of his hands leave her waist and stray to trace curves which had remained uncharted territory for twenty-one years.

“My Lord, I've appreciated your patience so far. Please, don't spoil things by trying to seize now what I pledged to gift you with on our wedding night!” she cried, grabbing his roving hand.

“Don't be coy, Marian. I've waited long enough for my reward,” he glared, tightening his hold on her.

“You only have to name the day you'd have me for your wife and it'll be yours for the taking,” she smiled, putting on an appearance of happiness for the sake of her family's safety.

“I wish it could be today, but it'd be too short a notice for those who have to travel far to share in our joy on such an important day,” he replied visibly appeased.

“Provided you allow me a fortnight to make all the preparations necessary to entertain our guests as befits their station and yours, I'll leave that decision in your hands,” she replied, trying not to think that a fortnight was how long it'd take Sir Guy to be healed enough to leave.

“I trust your well-honed abilities as a hostess, my lady. I'll give you a list of my guests so that you can start issuing the invitations. As soon as their replies come in, I'll make the formal announcement.”

The fact that she could influence her husband-to-be wasn't enough to lift her spirit. This bleak despair she found herself in was a burden to be borne alone; both Sir Edward and Meg should believe her as content with her choice as Lord Winchester.

“I can't wait to make you mine,” he murmured, pulling her to him and kissing her once again without any trace of tenderness or even lust. She was just someone else to dominate.

“I hope I'll be everything you wish for, my lord,” she replied, refusing to let him believe she could be intimidated or frightened by him.

“I've no doubt you will,” he smiled slowly.”I've entertained you long enough. Tuck seems to have his hands full. Let not be said that Lord Winchester is not an understanding master or that he stands in the way of his lady's generous heart. I'll see you again at dinner.”

“I'll see you then, my lord,” she answered, masking her relief before hurrying back to the tent where Sir Guy lay unconscious.

*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *

“I don’t trust him,” Sir Jasper muttered, looking at the short bearded man standing close to the window.

Winchester glanced at Lord Vasey and then smiled at Sir Jasper. “Because he’s a northerner?”

“They’re all savages.”

“Savages are fearsome warriors,” Lord Vasey said, taking a gulp from his goblet. “And this one... Well, he has very personal reasons for hating Richard. Loyal servants make the worst enemies when they're betrayed by their masters.”

“You haven't told us yet what brought about this estrangement,” Winchester cut in.

“What matters is that Sir Guy's seen and experienced first-hand that the Lionheart isn't the hero or the model of virtue all those ballads have painted,” explained Vasey.

“I don't see what difference that could make,” Winchester pointed out. “Richard still has plenty of supporters to fight these Crusades.”

“He’s spent more time in his Norman domains than here whereas Prince John has rarely left,” Sir Jasper added. “Richard hasn't even learnt the language of his people.”

“Prince John has stayed in England only because he’s been trying to wrest it from Richard’s rule,” Vasey replied.

“John would make a better ruler,” Sir Jasper declared.

“Well, that doesn't factor in our plan. What's important is that he's the easiest to intimidate of the two brothers.”

“I still don't understand what we need Gisborne for,” Sir Jasper mumbled. “And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don’t think you trust him either, not with the way he looked at Lady Marian,” he added, addressing Lord Winchester.

“Let him look,” replied the earl coolly.”This afternoon she accepted my hand in marriage and we'll wed before the summer's over,”

“So what was that about Gisborne's accident in the field? I was under the impression you meant it as a warning,” asked Jasper doubtfully.

“It was an accident. His lance shattered.”

“La di da di da! Do we care about a lovers' tiff and an inconsequential leper when the stakes are so high? A clue: No!” exclaimed Vasey impatient. “I don't care if you don't like him or if you feel threatened by his good looks, we need him on our side. Someone has to get his hands dirty in this business or do you think yourself equipped for the killing mission?”

Sir Jasper paled. “Are you planning to assassinate King Richard?”

“What did you think we were discussing? A picnic?” Vasey snapped.

“I... I... assumed...”

“Are you with us... or not?” Vasey interrupted him in a menacing tone which made Winchester’s blood run cold. Lord Peter Vasey was the most ruthless person Winchester had ever met and would have no qualms about tossing Jasper off the battlements if he found no more use for him.

“If it can be done without repercussions, you can definitely count me in.”

“We wouldn't be setting this plan in motion if we weren't sure of its successs. The Black Knights have strengthened their ranks with support from the nobilty in Wales and Ireland. The Scots are next. You don't need to worry about Gisborne. I won't ask either of you to befriend him to help the cause. You can leave him to me,” grinned Vasey. “For the time being, though, what we've discussed goes no further than this room. Are we clear?”

Winchester and Jasper both nodded.

“Good. Leave us, Sir Jasper. There's a matter I have to discuss with Lord Winchester in private.”

When Sir Jasper had closed the heavy door behind him, Winchester eyed Vasey. “Do you think he's going to keep his mouth shut?”

“For some reason Prince John likes him and Jasper knows what he risks if he talks too much.”

“Where do you know Gisborne from?”

“My late brother saw him fight in the Holy Land. He's got a leashed darkness that could work to our advantage with the right tutoring and incentive. I would be very upset if anything were to happen to him. I don't want any foolish misstep to ruin our plans.”

Winchester nodded, knowing his climb to power could be hastened or thwarted by Vasey.

“So... the virtuous Lady Marian. Have you bedded her yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“I'm surprised. I would have never expected you to be so patient. Still... your betrothal is an important step. The faster you wed her and consummate your marriage the better. An alllegiance with Lord Edward will help us get allies from those quarters that are still hesitant. We must move soon. Now... if you'll excuse me, it's been a long journey. I bid you goodnight.”

Left alone in the room Winchester poured himself another goblet. One day soon, Nottingham would be his. He would have riches and power beyond measure and the woman he'd desired for so long next to him.

And Richard, the man who'd dared slight him by denying him a place in his retinue, would be finally dead.

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kylathelurker on September 13th, 2013 12:24 pm (UTC)
Ooh the plot thickens! Have to say I really love your portrayal of Visay he's so creepy and vicious its just awesome! I really enjoyed too how Visay assesses Guy's capabilities. i always wondered how he stumbled upon Guy and what it was that made he choose Gisbourne as his second in command. Poor Guy has no idea he's about to become mutton to Visay's plots an poor Marian oiy! I felt so awful for her with creeper =(

Loved too the attention to detail how Prince John doesn't even know the language of his people, I may be wrong about this one but I think I remember reading somewhere how the upper class found it more fashionable to speak French?? that English was more a commoners tongue?? Was that in reference to that?

Kudos as always a lovely chapter can't wait to read more! =)