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20 September 2020 @ 06:13 pm
My Fanfiction and Fanvids Master List (+ Downloadable PDFs)  
Here are the links to all my fics and fan videos on LJ divided into Complete and WIP. The most recent appear first in each category- hopefully, the closer to the top the more mature and better they should be.:

A/N: Check out the navigation bar on the right to access a folder with PDF versions of the completed fics. *wink* Please, don't forget to leave me feedback on my LJ if you snag any of them.

ETA: I'm working on uploading the PDF versions elsewhere since MEGAUPLOAD was shut down.


"A Voice in the Dark" (Lucas/OC) Drama/Romance PG-13/R


"To Be Worthy" (Guy/Marian) Historical Romance R

"Y is for Yearning"
"U is for Unfaithful"
"G is for Gifts"
"R is for Return"
"I is for Innocence" (One-shot) PG
"S is for Scars" (One-shot) PG


"The Father He Might Have Never Been" (Guy/Marian one-shot) General G
"Tell Me" (Guy/Marian one-shot) Romance/angst PG
"Close your Eyes" (Guy/Marian one-shot) Romance/Angst R
"Touch Me" (Guy/Marian one-shot) Angst PG-13
"Remember" (Guy/Marian one-shot) Angst PG-15


"Wallflower" (Romance- One-shot) G
"The Christmas Gift" (A North & South Holiday One-shot) Romance PG-13


"The Last Ace" (Fortune Revisited) (PG-13 one-shot sequel to Undercover Warrior)

"Exposed"  (PG- Chlex one-shot: Winning Entry for NS Fanfic Challenge #14 "Hidden Reflected Confession"- November 2010)

The Christmas Trap (PG-13) Chlex Holiday Romance  MULTI-CHAPTERED (December 2010) PG-13

"À la Carte" (Chloe/Chlex one-shot: Entry for NS Fanfic Challenge #13- A Halloween Duck  Mystery- October 2010) PG

"Wallflower" (Chlex one-shot: Entry for NS Fanfic Challenge #12-AU-September 2010) PG

"The Art of War" (Chlex one-shot: Entry for NS Fanfic Challenge #11-Competition- July 2010) PG

"Touch Me" (Lex/Chlex Angst- PG) ONE-SHOT

"Back from the Dead" (Chlex Drama/Romance- PG-13/R) MULTI-CHAPTERED (

"Tell Me..." (Chloe/Chlex one-shot: Entry for NS Fanfic Challenge #10- Secrets- May '10)

"Remember" (Lex/Chlex one-shot) Angst/Romance- PG-15

"Sneaky" (Chlex one-shot: Winning entry for the NS Fanfic Challenge #9 Blind Date!- April '10)

"Stained Glass" (Lex/Chlex one-shot: Entry for the NS Fanfic Challenge #8 Pic Challenge- March '10)

"Last Time" (Chlex one-shot) Romance/Angst- R

"Yearning" (Chlex one-shot: Entry for the NS Adult-Themed Fanfic Challenge #1 ) Romance R

"Close Your Eyes" (Chlex one-shot) General/Angst R

"Undercover Warrior" (Chlex one-shot) General/PG-13

"Satisfied" (Chlex one.shot) Angst/General PG-13 (Entry for the NS Fanfic Challenge of Dec '09/Jan '10- #7 Endings and Beginnings

"Leap of Faith" (Chlex one-shot) Drama/Romance PG-13 (Entry for the NS Fanfic Challenge of November ´09- A Pregnant Pause

Surrender (Chlex one-shot) Drama/Romance PG-13 (Entry for the NS Fanfic Challenge of October ´09- Abandon

Secrets & Lies (Chlex Drama/Romance- PG13/15) (Nominated for the NS Fanfic Awards 2009)

"Chances Are...": Chlex one-shot-PG (Entry for the NS Fanfic Challenge of September ´09- Who´s Your Daddy?)

"A Modern Persephone": Chlex one-shot -PG (Winner of the NS Fanfic Challenge of August ´09- Kidnapped!)

"On a Day Just like Today..." (Chlex one-shot/PG): Challenge Winner (Winner of the NS Fanfic Challenge of July´09- The Safe House)

The Top of the World (PG-13/15): Post-Doomsday Lex/Chlex one-shot (Season 8/9 fic)

"Rebuilding" (Sequel to "Crossing Paths"- Chlex Romance)-Pg-13/R MULTI-CHAPTERED

"Wedding Jitters" (PG): Lex/ Chlex one-shot entry for NS Challenge of June ´09- A Wedding in Smallville

The Father He Never Was (Lex/Chlex): A Father´s Day one-shot (G)

"Crossing Paths" (Chlex Drama/General) MULTI-CHAPTERED

"Lean on Me" (Doomsday Revisited- Companion piece to "Mirror"): Chlex one-shot PG-13 (Season 8 trilogy)

"Mirror" (Companion piece to "From Afar"): Chlex one-shot (PG-13/15) (Season 8 trilogy )

"From Afar" (Lex/Chlex One-shot): PG-13/15 (Season 8 trilogy)

The Naked Truth (Chlex Drama/Romance; PG-13/R MULTI-CHAPTERED)

"The Real Thing" (Chlex Drama/Romance) MULTI-CHAPTERED

The Christmas Gift (Chlex Version)- PG 13

"Finding the Way Back" (Chlex Drama/Romance) MULTI-CHAPTERED

"Shadows from the Past" (AU Chlex- Suspense/Romance) PG-13 MULTI-CHAPTERED Winner of the DTS Murder Mystery Challenge (2008)

The Countdown - PG13 (Chlex; Drama/Romance) MULTI-CHAPTERED

Hope and Happiness (PG-13)- Chlex- Drama/ Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED

Addicted (PG-13)- Chlex or Lexana ?- Angst/ Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED

The Love of Two Men (PG-13)- Chlex, Drama/Romance/Mystery MULTI-CHAPTERED Winner of the Myfandoms.com Sci-Fi Fanfiction Contest (April 2008)

Payback Time (PG-13) Chlex- Drama/Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED

Second Chances (PG-13) Chlex MULTI-CHAPTERED


"Compromising Circumstances" (R)- Chlex Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED (June 2011: Complete on my hard drive)

"Choices" (PG 13-R)- Chlex General/Drama/Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED

COMPLETED LEXANA (who I  write on very rare occasions now)

"Home is a Wounded Heart" (Lexana Drama/Romance- Pg-15/R)  (My farewell fic to this ship and my humble attempt to fix the disastrous way it was handled on the show) MULTI-CHAPTERED

Invisible Friend (Drama/Friendship/Romance): Lexana PG.13 MULTI-CHAPTERED

The Christmas Gift (One-shot Lexana): PG-13 Romance ONE-SHOT

Addicted (PG-13)- Chlex or Lexana ?- Angst/ Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED

Revenge Redux (PG-13) Lexana, Drama/Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED

Revenge (PG-13)- Lexana Drama/Romance MULTI-CHAPTERED

The Wounded Hero: A Xmas Triptic (PG-13) Lexana MULTI-CHAPTERED (This was my first attempt ever at writing fanfic. I´m still pleased with the first two parts but I owe it both to myself and my readers to rework the final chapter, which is to my taste imperfect. )


"Smoke and Mirrors" (PG13-R) Lexana Drama and Angst- MULTI-CHAPTERED


This Christmas Day (Official Video for Naughty Seductions's Advent Calendar 2009)-PG

"Don´t Give Up" (Lex/Chlex Video)- PG

Chlex Fanvid: "Right in Front of You" (with downloadable file)

"In the Sun": Lex/Chlex Fanvid

Chlex Video: Never Let Go (PG-13)

Chlex video: Aria and Memoria (PG-13)
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HeroHunter.  I, Storyteller.: lex hero by ladydreamerherohunter on September 21st, 2009 02:02 am (UTC)

And let me just go on record here and say that I LOVE your vids! They're just fabulous!!

lillianschild: headachelillianschild on September 21st, 2009 02:35 am (UTC)
Thanks, Ashley. I haven´t made as many as I wish I had- even have a couple of great video editors to start trying out but I simply haven´t found the time. I´m still using the very primitive Windows Movie Maker. ROFL. Still the results are pretty good considering...