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10 January 2008 @ 01:02 am
Second Chances (PG-13) Chlex  
This story was my first attempt at writing a Chlex fic. I´ve written a lot since then but I thought of posting it here for a new audience to read it.

I've uploaded the first three chapters which I believe should be read together because they prepare the ground for what's going to happen next. There's drama and angst in this story but a lot of romance as well so keep reading !

Reviews are more than welcome!!!

Summary: Lex finds himself a widower with two young children.Chloe´s romantic dreams of Clark are shattered. Love turns up in the most unexpected places but will they dare risk their hearts the second time around ? Drama, tragedy and lots of love !

Author: Lexie

Homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/lillianschild

Forums: http://www.freepowerboards.com/lillianschild

e-mail: lillianschild@yahoo.co.uk

Disclaimer: all Superman and Smallville characters belong to DC Comics and Gough & Millar. No Infringement's intended.

Spoiler: Lexmas


CHAPTER 1: Tragedy

Christmas had always been a special celebration at the Kents'. It was a time for sharing with those they cared for most and that year wasn't any different. The fact that Jonathan had turned five years as a senator didn't change things at all, the Kents remained the same affectionate and generous family they'd always been.

Like every year Martha had seen to the organisation of the Christmas Eve dinner from the decorations and the gift-wrapping to the homemade cooking and, just as in the last couple of years she'd had Chloe to assist her. Martha was happy for Clark since after so many years of mooning over Lana he seemed to have found in Chloe someone who completely understood him.

Meanwhile, Clark's best friend Lex had surprised Smallville and Metropolis society by marrying Lana and turning into a middle-class working citizen overnight. His decision had brought about the final estrangement between him and Lionel but had rendered Lex blissfully happy. The married couple had been blessed with a son, Alex, some years before and was expecting the arrival of a daughter.

It was three o'clock on Christmas morning and Jonathan was seeing their last guest off.

“ Thanks for coming, Joe. I'll remember what we've been talking about and you can be certain I'll propose the motion next session at Congress. “

“ Thank you, Jonathan. Merry Christmas ! “

“Merry Christmas to you too, Joe, “ added Jonathan before closing the door. “ Well... it's been a hell of a party, sweetheart. Pity that the guest of honour had to slip away all of a sudden. Shall I lend you a hand to finish with the clean-up ? “

“It's all right, dad. You can go to bed. I can tidy up in the twinkling of an eye, “ responded Clark.

“ Son, would you mind if Chloe and I left you alone ? We're worried about Lana. Lex drove her to the hospital round eight and he hasn't phone yet, “ said a concerned Martha.

“ Sure, mum. Go ahead ! I'll finish on my own. “

“ I'll bring the car around, Mrs Kent, “ added Chloe picking up her coat, gloves and scarf. “ See you later, Clark, “ she said from the door.

It took them half an hour to get to the hospital because it had been snowing heavily all night and Chloe didn't want to end up in a ditch. Martha got out of the car first with a grim sense of foreboding.

“ Watch out, Mrs Kent ! “ exclaimed Chloe on seeing a car swerve dangerously towards her. “ Are you OK ? “ she asked breathless.

“ Yeah, Chloe, I'm fine., “ responded a shaky Martha. “ I'm sorry to have scared you.It's just that... I can't explain it... I feel something's wrong..., “ stammered Clark's mum.

“ We'll find out soon enough, Mrs Kent. Come. “

Martha hurried to the nurses' station and, introducing herself, asked about Lana Luthor's condition. Her inquiry was met with a pregnant silence and a look of concern on the young nurse's face.

“ May I ask what's your connection with Mrs Luthor ? “

“ We're no related if that's what you're asking but I love her and her husband as if they were my own children, “ answered Martha nervously. “ Why ? What's happened ? “

“ Do you know if they have any family we may contact ? “

“ We're their family, “ said Martha passionately.

“ Then, you'd better come with me, madam, “ she murmured taking her gently by the arm. “ Sorry, miss. You'll have to wait here. There' s a coffee machine there if you feel like a cup, ' said the nurse addressing Chloe.

“ Thanks, “ said Chloe with a frown.

The nurse motioned Mrs Kent to the Maternity Aisle and stopped a couple of feet away from Lana's room.

“ The doctors did everything humanly possible for her, Mrs Kent. Unfortunately, she'd lost a lot of blood... .“

“ What about the baby ? “ asked a teary Martha.

“ She's a perfectly healthy girl, madam. But it's him we're worried about. He refuses to leave Mrs Luthor's side, and none of us have had the heart to tear him away from the bed. Maybe he'll listen to you... “

Martha entered the room quietly shutting the door behind her. Lex was leaning forward holding Lana's limp hand pressed against his cheek and weeping silently. It broke Martha's heart to see him like that- life had seldom been kind to the boy and when she thought he had secured the happiness he deserved, God had chosen to give him a raw deal again.

Lex felt a woman's comforting hand on his left shoulder and, placing his on top of hers, turned his head slightly around.

“ Mum ? “asked a sobbing Lex, remembering the dream he'd had the Christmas night he resigned to the senate race.

“ No, sweetie. It's Martha Kent, “ she answered in a motherly way, kneeling down next to him.

“ She's ... she's..., “stammered Lex looking at Lana's lifeless form.

“I know, honey. “

“ It's all my fault... I knew... I knew this was going to happen... “

“ You're exhausted, sweetie. It's nobody's fault, Lex. “

“ You don't understand, Martha. I could have stopped this from happening. Mum showed me... I killed her ! “

“ Don't say that, Lex. Lana loved you and I'm sure she'd have never regretted marrying you. You had a wonderful life together and you still have two beautiful children that need you, Lex.

“ You know, that was the last thing she said before she passed away. She died... peacefully, “ said Lex, his eyes brimming with tears.

“ I'm sure she knew she was leaving her angels in the best of hands, honey. Now, it's time to say goodbye, dear. “

“ Why ! “ he cried. “ Why's my life always filled with so much pain ? When will I ever stop paying for my father's sins ? “

Martha couldn't find the right words to soothe his breaking heart and did the only thing she could think of, she wrapped his fragile body in a warm embrace and felt him dissolve into heart- wrenching sobs.

Meanwhile, a dumbfounded and emotional Chloe let herself down onto a a chair ouside Lana's room. It seemed people like Lex and her were born to suffer. God only knew how much it had cost her to put on a cheery appearance this Christmas when she felt her heart was falling to pieces. Never in her wildest dreams did she think Lois and Clark would ever harbour romantic feelings for each other, and her cousin's confession had certainly been a bombshell.

“ Chloe ? “ asked Martha quietly trying to call the young woman's attention. “ Chloe ? “ she repeated, shaking her gently.

“ Sorry, Martha. I haven't heard you. How's Lex ? “

“ Completely distraught, sweetie. Could you do me a favour ? Call, Clark- or better, talk with Jonathan, first; he'll know how to break the news to Clark. “

“ Don't worry, Martha. I'll do it. What about Alex ? Would you rather I took him home with me and dad ? “

“ Would you mind, Chloe ? “

“ Not at all. He's a sweetheart. Are you staying the night ? “

“ Yes, dear. They've just given him a strong sedative and they're letting him sleep in a vacant room until the morning. “

“ OK.I'll be home in case you need anything . I'll see you in the morning, Mrs Kent. “

CHAPTER 2: Wounded

Chloe came to the hospital the following morning and was welcomed by a smiling Martha carrying a bundle in her arms.

“ Isn't she a beauty, Chloe ? “ asked Martha with a catch in her voice.

“ Can I hold her, Mrs Kent ? “

“ Sure, “ she replied, handing the baby over to Chloe.

Chloe looked down at the sleeping form and felt a sweet tug in her heart. The girl seemed so innocent and vulnerable, completely unaware of the tragedy that had surrounded her birth. Chloe couldn't help but wonder how Lex was going to manage with two small babies on his own when he must be clearly devastated.

“ Where's ..., “started asking Chloe.

“ Lex ? “ finished Martha. “ He's signing the papers for Lilly's discharge and the documents concerning Lana. As to how he actually feels... I'm worried, Chloe. This morning he looked like his old self again- I mean, he put on that mask of cool detachment we were so used to before he married Lana. “

“ That's his mechanism of self-protection, Martha. Are you afraid of what he might do ? “

“ I hope he won't choose the wrong path this time, Chloe.I don't really know what happened between him and Lionel last night but before he fell asleep he told me he had begged for Lionel's help and was met with a flat refusal. “

“What could you expect of an unnatural father like Lionel ? “

“ I still can't understand their twisted relationship. “

“ Here he comes, Mrs Kent, “ said Chloe quietly.

“ Chloe, thanks for coming, “ said Lex with a tremor in his voice.

Looking adoringly at his daughter, who had just started to cry, he stretched out his hands for Chloe to hand the baby over to him.

“ There you are, honey, “ he said to his daughter, putting the dummy in her toothless mouth and rocking her gently. “ She looks just like her mother, doesn't she ? “he asked with eyes brimming with tears.

“ She takes after both of you, Lex. She's an angel, “ responded an emotional Martha. “ Come. Chloe's parked outside. You're staying on the farm, Lex. Everything's settled, “added Martha motioning him to the exit.

The drive to the Kents' farm was quiet and the deafening silence in the car was only interrupted by an occasional gurgling from the back seat. Chloe stopped near the picket fence and saw Jonathan approach the car.

“ Welcome home, son, “ he said embracing Lex paternally.

“ Thank you, Mr Kent, “ said Lex croakingly.

“ I've brought up the cradle I slept in when I was a baby and my mother's old rocking chair. You can use Clark's room for as long as you want, son, “ said Jonathan to a speechless Lex.

“ Come on, sweetie. You need to lie down. Chloe ? “

“ Yes, Mrs Kent. “

“ About Alex..., “ she said in a low voice.

“ Shall I bring him later this evening ? “

“ I think it'd be wiser. As much as we'd love to shelter him, we can't lie for ever. “

“ See you at about six. OK ? “

“ Thanks, Chloe, “ said Martha climbing up the stairs to the storm door.

Chloe got into the car, turned on the engine and drove for a while until she couldn't control her pent-up emotions any longer and was forceed to pull up. She cried her eyes out for twenty minutes solid for Lana, Lex, the children and her own pathetic romantic life. Would she ever find someone who could return her love in measure ?

CHAPTER 3: Saying Goodbye

Chloe brought Alex to the Kents' as promised and witnessed from afar the hugging and kissing between father and son. She turned back to the stairs overwhelmed by emotion in time to hear the boy ask: “ Is mummy in heaven like Shelby ? “ How innocent and wise young children were !

The funeral took place the following morning in Smallville's local cemetery. It was a private ceremony arranged by Jonathan to which only the most intimate attended. Clark, who had been called to Metropolis the night Lana passed away, was back for the service and so were Nell and her husband Dean.

The ceremony was going smoothly until the moment arrived for the coffin to be lowered. Chloe, who was standing next to Lex, felt him tense and, afraid he might break down there and then, she took Lilly from his arms. It was at that precise instant she realised he wasn't looking at the casket but to a point far beyond. Standing next to a limo was the unmistakable figure of Lionel Luthor. Chloe read the look of pure hatred in Lex's eyes and, perceiving his intention, grabbed his hand and whispered passionately: “ Please, don't, Lex. “ The younger Luthor shifted his eyes towards her and, reading the plea in hers, relaxed. “ You're right, Chloe. This isn't the time, “ he responded, placing a soft kiss on Lilly's crown.

Clark looked at his two old friends and felt an odd sensation at the pit of his stomach. Things were definitely changing too fast.



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Allie: naughty chlex by mssullivan for meitsaslashything on January 10th, 2008 04:38 am (UTC)
I really like this...I hope there's more it somewhere or that you're going to continue it! There is so little really good Chlex around!
lillianschildlillianschild on January 10th, 2008 04:42 am (UTC)
I´m glad you´re like it thus far. Yes, there´s more. It´ds already finished. I wrote this fic a long time ago. Rest assured that none of the fics posted here will rest incomplete. My policy is never to start publishing something unless it´s ready on paper. I hate it when writers leave you hanging.
lillianschildlillianschild on January 10th, 2008 02:05 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the inexcusable typos. I meant ¨I´m glad you like it... ¨ and ¨It´s already...¨. Grrr!!!