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28 February 2009 @ 01:53 am
"The Real Thing" (Chlex Drama/Romance): Chapters 1 & 2  

Here´s a short instalment of another oldie of mine; just enough to whet your appetite.

Summary: A soul-tormented groom, a lovesick maid of honour and a small town church packed with wedding guests. Three lives are torn asunder and brought together by secrets, hurting, murder and betrayal. Would he be able to believe in love again? Would she have the chance to fulfil her romantic dreams? A Chlex version of Promise with a big twist.

Rating: PG-13 or a little higher

Author: lexie (

lillianschild )

Lillian´s Child


Disclaimer: all Superman and Smallville characters belong to DC Comics and Gough &

Millar. No Infringement's intended.



CHAPTER 1: True Colours

The wedding day had finally arrived and Smallville´s church was packed with guests, who- with the exception of the closest family- were mostly business acquaintances of the groom. The interior of the temple had been garlanded with deep pink and purple flowers- the bride and the husband-to-be´s favourite colours.

Chloe had done her hair up and was donning a strapless silver blue dress. Her eyes were fastened on the groom´s nervous profile and her stomach was in knots with apprehension. She wasn´t coming.

Stealing a glance at the best man, Chloe sneaked out of the altar and left the church by a side door. Her red Beetle was parked round the corner, and she rushed to the driver´s door, cursing the high heels, which sunk in the wet lawn.

Damn Lana Lang and her indecisive nature. Chloe had stepped aside to let Clark have the princess- not that the farm boy had ever looked at her the way he looked at the brunette, but there had been times when the reporter had thought she stood a chance. However, Miss Pompom always had to spoil it all for everyone involved. It seemed she was constantly playing ´He loves me. He loves me not.´ and making half of Smallville´s masculine population pine for her. Not even the coolest male specimen in town had been able to resist her charm and was now about to taste the bitter cup of disappointment; he was being jilted at the altar by the most self-centred girl Chloe had ever had the misfortune of meeting.

Speeding had never been a character trait of Chloe´s; still, she wanted to arrive at the mansion in time to wring the Princess´ neck. How dare she? How dare Lana throw overboard the one thing Chloe would have given her life to claim hers? It wasn´t fair. None of it was fair. Chloe got to the wrought-iron gates of Luthor Mansion amidst a cloud of dust, surprising the guard at the sentry shelter. She drove her Beetle up the driveway at a breakneck speed and screeched to a halt in front of the steps leading to the entrance. She killed the engine and, taking a deep breath, got out of the vehicle and headed straight to Lex´s study.

As she had suspected, Lana was sitting in an armchair writing on Lex´s monogrammed paper when the blonde barged into the room taking her by surprise. The brunette jumped off her seat and tried to stash away the note she had been scribbling, but Chloe was faster and managed to snatch it away from her hands.

¨Why aren´t you wearing your wedding gown, Lana? And what´s this? ¨shouted Chloe, perusing the contents of the note.

¨Give it to me, Chloe! You have no right! ¨screamed Lana, trying to retrieve the accusing missive.

¨How can you, Lana? What are you thinking? Leaving Lex with a note! Of all the things you could do, this really takes the cake. I´ve always known you were a self-centred witch but... this... ¨ exploded Chloe, waving the piece of lilac paper, ¨this is the lowest you could stoop to. ¨

¨Who are you to judge me, Chloe? ¨cried a red-faced Lana. ¨You don´t know what it feels like to feel trapped... ¨

¨Who´s trapped who, Lana? Let´s be honest here... You knew damn well what you were doing when you came running to him. You´ve been playing with his feelings and Clark´s all along. Lex may not be an innocent soul like our mutual friend Clark, but he doesn´t deserve this from you. How could you write the words you´ve written in this note? For God´s sake! ¨

¨It´s the truth, Chloe, ¨she said bitterly.

¨He´s let you in when he keeps everyone at arm´s length and still, you don´t know him, Lana. ¨

¨I do know him, Chloe. That´s why I cannot stay, ¨pouted Lana.

¨You can´t do this to him. You´ll destroy him, ¨said Chloe chokingly.

¨Watch me, ¨snapped the brunette, picking up a suitcase and grabbing her handbag from the piano.

¨Tell me it isn´t true. Tell me that what I saw in Metropolis last week was a figment of my imagination. ¨

¨What are you talking about, Chloe? ¨frowned the former cheerleader.

¨You know what I´m talking about, Lana. Don´t play dumb. ¨

¨And what if it were? ¨she responded, tilting up her chin. ¨Lex will never be half the man he is, ¨she spat defiantly.

¨Bitch! ¨shouted Chloe with glassy eyes, slapping Lana hard across her face, and getting her cheek scratched by the brunette.

¨You´ll regret this, Chloe. Believe me, ¨said Lana menacingly.

¨Don´t try your fake-Luthor threats on me, Lana. You´re way out of their league. ¨

¨You can keep him, Chloe. It´s what you´ve wanted all along, isn´t it? ¨ she responded wryly. ¨I pity whoever falls in love with Lex Luthor for he doesn´t know how to love, ¨she stormed out of the study.

CHAPTER 2: Jilted

Chloe got into the car with a heavy heart, not caring about her smudged mascara or the dried blood on her cheek. Her worst fears had been confirmed and she was the only one left to deliver Lex the heaviest of blows; a task she didn´t relish at all.

¨Miss Sullivan, where have you been? ¨asked a concerned Lionel Luthor. ¨What´s happened to your face? ¨

¨I´ve scratched it with a tree branch. Where´s Lex, Mr Luthor? ¨asked Chloe short of breath.

¨Nature call, Miss Sullivan. It happens when you´re with nerves, ¨he smirked.

¨Right, ¨she mumbled. ¨I´ll be back in a minute. I´ll try to cover this up with some make-up, ¨she added, pointing at the scratch.

She wasn´t sure the elder Luthor had bought her excuse, but it was the only one she could come up with to go searching for the groom while all the guests were starting to murmur and shift in the pews, wondering what was taking the bride so long. The reporter checked the vestry and knocked on the toilet door, but there was no sign of Lex. Until suddenly, the sound of raised voices- one of which she recognised as belonging to the billionaire- reached her ears.

Chloe climbed down two flights of stairs and found herself in the church crypt. Now, the second voice was distinguishable and so were his words.

¨You´ll give me what I want, Mr Luthor. ¨

¨You´ve been more than well-paid, Dr. ¨

¨If you don´t want Miss Lang to hear the truth from my lips, you´ll open your purse as many times as I see fit. ¨

¨Attempting to blackmail a Luthor´s bad news, Dr. ¨

¨You´d better pay or be ready to kiss the love of your life goodbye, Mr Luthor. ¨

¨I´m not afraid of your threats, Dr. ¨

¨You should be, Mr Luthor. Do you think she´ll stick around you when she finds out you´ve been hiding something this important from her? ¨

¨That´s between her and me. ¨

¨You should have been honest with her and let her make her own choice. ¨

¨I´m not paying you to be my marriage guidance counsellor, Dr. ¨

¨What would the world and Miss Lang think of one of America´s most..., ¨chuckled the Dr, stopping in mid-sentence when the first blow broke his nose.

¨Lex, stop! ¨shouted Chloe, storming into the room and wrapping her arms around him from behind in an attempt to stop him from pummelling the other man´s face. ¨It´s not worth it, Lex, ¨she murmured in his ear, feeling him tense and then, relax.

¨Get the hell out of here before I think it over and give you what you deserve. And if you know what´s best, you´ll keep your mouth shut. Have I been clear? ¨said Lex tersely.

¨This is far from over, Luthor., ¨

¨You can save your threats, Dr. The future Mrs Luthor doesn´t give a damn, and she´s the only one who counts, ¨interrupted Chloe incensed.

¨And who are you? ¨asked the doctor, wiping the blood off his face with the back of his hand.

¨Someone who knows what she thinks, and I can assure you that the lady is privy to the information you´ve got so... Why don´t you go away and never come back? ¨ menaced the blonde reporter.

A couple of minutes later, when the Dr´s footsteps had receded and they were sure he was out of earshot, Lex spoke up.

¨What´s happened to your face? ¨he asked, cupping it with one hand.

¨Don´t worry about my face, Lex, ¨she responded, covering his hand with hers. ¨The scratch´ll heal in no time, ¨she added, feeling her eyes turn watery.

¨How much of the conversation did you hear? ¨

¨Forget about the conversation, Lex. I´ve already had. ¨

¨What was that about my future wife? ¨

¨I was just helping you out, Lex... I´ve got something to tell you, and I don´t know a way of saying it without sounding too blunt, ¨she said, blinking away the tears.

¨She´s not coming, is she? ¨he asked with a forlorn look which broke Chloe´s heart. ¨All this time I´ve been deluding myself, ¨ he sighed, pacing up and down, ¨believing she could love me. But it´s always been Clark, hasn´t it? She´s gone back to him, right? ¨he croaked. ¨Hasn´t she? ¨ he insisted, shaking Chloe by the arms.

¨No, Lex, she hasn´t, ¨ responded the blonde reporter, biting her lower lip.

¨Don´t lie to me, Chloe, ¨he warned her, holding her gaze. ¨You vanished from church all of a sudden. Where did you go? To the Kents? ¨he hissed, tightening the grip.

¨You´re hurting me, Lex. Lana´s not left you for Clark. He doesn´t know anything. ¨

¨You´re losing your touch, Chloe. I can tell when someone´s lying. You´re protecting him as usual. You´ve always been in love with Clark. You know something. I can read it in your eyes. Tell me where she is, Chloe. ¨

¨I just saw her leaving the mansion with a suitcase. That´s all, Lex. ¨

¨I don´t believe you. You´re coming with me to see Clark, Chloe, ¨he barked, dragging her out of the crypt.

¨Don´t do this again, Lex, ¨she whined, remembering the second meteor shower and how he had manhandled her to find out what she knew about the farm boy´s secret. ¨Not now, ¨she sobbed.

¨Then, tell me the truth! ¨

¨I can´t! ¨

¨What is it that she told you you can´t tell me? ¨

¨I´ll never tell you, Lex, ¨she stated defiantly, feeling the stinging slap on her face.

¨Lex, son! What´s going on? ¨shouted Lionel, noticing the tears which were falling down Chloe´s cheeks and the hand imprinted on her face.

¨Dad, leave us alone, ¨said Lex with clenched teeth, moving to touch Chloe´s cheek, hating himself for losing it.

¨Don´t worry, Lex. I´ll be fine, ¨she whispered recoiling. ¨You know what hurts me more than your slap? That I wouldn´t mind, ¨she finished cryptically, walking past Lionel and leaving Lex with a puzzled look on his face.

¨Miss Sullivan, ¨called Lionel, stalling her. ¨Where did you go when you left the church? ¨

¨Ask your son, Mr Luthor. I´m done with questions, ¨she responded, picking up the hem of her dress to start climbing up the steps.

¨Don´t go far away. The police´ll want to talk with you, ¨said Lionel gravely, causing Chloe to freeze.

¨The police? ¨asked Lex with a frown.

¨I don´t know how to broach this to you, son... you see... Lana isn´t coming. ¨

¨I surmised that much, dad. She should have been here half an hour ago. ¨

¨No, son. You don´t understand... they found her body in her vehicle at the bottom of Crater Lake. ¨

¨What? ¨asked Chloe with a strangled voice.



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Jengreenlady2 on March 1st, 2009 07:10 am (UTC)
Oooh. Great start to the story. But what with Lana's penchant for faking her own death, I'm wondering if this is for real. :-)))
lillianschild: wobblylillianschild on March 1st, 2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
Maybe I shouldn´t tell you this, but it won´t kill anything about the story so I´ll just say it... it´s not a faked death. ;)
atem: Kara in Fiercekpjmm on March 7th, 2009 06:21 pm (UTC)
Just read and it is a great story!

Are you working on anything new?

lillianschild: naughtylillianschild on March 7th, 2009 06:27 pm (UTC)
Hi, Misty!

Thanks for reading, although it isn´t Lexana.

I wrote four more stories after this one. I finished posting the latest, called Secrets and Lies, a couple of days ago. I have to post the last instalment on my forums, but you can start reading it there if you want: http://www.freepowerboards.com/lillianschild/viewtopic.php?f=11&p=791&sid=3eedeadb98fb3c944f1c73f7042e9e50#p791
atem: Ginakpjmm on March 7th, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Thanks so much.
lillianschild: naughtylillianschild on March 7th, 2009 06:50 pm (UTC)
You´re welcome. I hope you´ll like it. :)