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24 August 2008 @ 04:42 pm
Addicted (PG-13)- Chlex or Lexana ?- Angst/ Romance : chapters 1 to 3  

Summary:A fic that will please most shippers.Lex loves somebody he thinks is in love with Clark. Lana loves a guy she thinks is in love with Chloe.Chloe loves a guy she thinks is in love with Lana. Who will win this lottery of hearts ?

Disclaimer: all Superman and Smallville characters belong to DC Comics and Gough & Millar.

Author: lexie

Homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/lillianschild



A/N: I wrote this fic a while ago and, because of the way I planned it, I know it will please Lexana and Chlexers alike. So if you're a fan of either ship, I invite you to give it a try.

I'm looking forward to you feedback. Enjoy this first instalment!


CHAPTER 1: The One in my Thoughts


Today's Friday and, as every week, I'm heading to Luthor Mansion to go over the numbers of The Talon with Lex. I'm particularly pleased with the figures this time and can't wait to see his reaction when he reads about the results of my new promotion scheme.

I miss these weekly meetings with him while being away at MetU. Chloe's a great friend and room mate but Lex has always been my confidant and guide. I know I can ask him almost anything and be sure he'll have an answer for it. I need his advice because I have no adult to turn to- Nell's away and she has never really understood me- and besides, his self-assurance provides me with the confidence I lack most of the time.

Although I was angry with him for a while for interfering in my relationship with Jason, I understand now he was just trying to protect me. Lex's the only one who sees me for whom I truly am and that is scary at times.

I arrive at the mansion and Lex's butler, Stevens, opens the front door to let me in. He no longer accompanies me to the study for this is an established routine, and he's aware that Lex is expecting me. As usual, I find Lex sitting at his desk checking something on his laptop and- as customary- he folds the screen down when I come into the room. I've always wondered what it is he's browsing- e-mails maybe? The stock market? Some confidential reports? However, nothing has ever prevented him from devoting this time of day to our weekly meetings, and I appreciate that in a busy businessman like Lex. He always has a free slot to go over the numbers and discuss strategies for the least profitable of his investments.

I had always wondered why he had accepted my business proposal, knowing it wouldn't be a multi-million dollar deal, and he surprised me once when he said he had only done it for me. That was the moment I realised how much he cares about this friendship and what's important to me.

“Good evening, Lana. How was your day? “ he greets me with a warm smile.

“Hi! Busy but very satisfying, Lex, “ I answer, accepting his hug and chaste kiss on my cheek. “I've brought these figures for the new coffee vouchers, “ I say, handing him over the printed information.

“Very impressive, Lana. I thought your idea was worth pursuing but, let me tell you, I wasn't sure it'd work with the usual customers of The Talon. “

“Well, you were right, Lex. It has attracted some of the regular customers from The Beanery. “

“Then, you'll have to watch out. They'll try to come up with something more attractive to counterattack. “

“I have some tricks up my sleeve, Lex. “

“What are you thinking of? “

“My ideas aren't mature yet, but you'll be the first one to know, of course. ““ Whether you like it or not, I'm a partner in this business. So the question of your not consulting me before putting the plan in motion has never crossed my mind, “ he adds with a smirk.

“I don't resent having to consult with you first, Lex. After all you're the businessman. “

“Well, you're turning out to be a terrific businesswoman, Miss Lang. “

“You're the best partner I could have wished for, Lex. “

When Lex finishes signing some cheques, I veer the conversation towards Clark. His poker face doesn't give much away, but something- call it a sixth sense- tells me he's not pleased, but he's too polite to say it aloud. I almost withdraw my question, but I can't help myself. I'm too confused about my feelings and I need him to help me sort out my problems.

At about seven I leave the mansion and get in my car. I thought talking things over with Lex would put my mind at rest about what's raging inside of me, but it's no use. I can't get the guy out of my head.


It's the end of the week and I'm travelling home to Smallville. I know I'm supposed to be on holidays but my column at The Daily Planet isn't on hiatus and, unless I want some upstart to step into my place, I have to keep up my good work. So far, the editor's pleased, and I'm happy to busy my mind with thoughts other than those of a certain guy.

As I approach the town limits I can make out the lights of Luthor Mansion. I haven't been there for a year, not since the trial. Things are rather strained between Lex and me now. If anybody asked me how we've arrived at this point, I wouldn't be able to give them a straight answer. We barely exchange pleasantries now and, the only news I get about him are through Lana- who, judging by the time it is, must be with him right now going over the weekly numbers. Clark's as pissed off with Lex as I am, though I don't know the reason. We've never talked about that. He's too busy again with thoughts of Lana, and I'm aware of what he's like when she's around.

I try not to think about the guy that's constantly in my thoughts, but I can't help myself and being in Smallville certainly makes things even worse.


Lana has just left and, as usual, ended our weekly meeting asking for my advice on her rapport with Clark. I haven't got the heart to tell her I don't want to talk about him. I saw the look in his eyes when he arrived at the airport the day Lana was leaving for France, and I could read the hurt in them. I tried to talk with him before he gave his testimony in court, but he cut me short and... What the hell ! I'm tired of asking for forgiveness.

I went to the airport because I couldn't let her go away like that- Clark should have set his priorities straight. If I could make the time to see her off, even when I had to be in court at the time, so should he. He was the boyfriend then, not me!

These weekly meetings invariably turn out to be about Clark and, although I try hard not to resent him, I can't help myself. He's constantly in the thoughts of two women while I'm here alone, pining for a girl who I think I don't deserve and who doesn't know I love her.

CHAPTER 2: Coffee Talk

Chloe arrived at The Talon and saw the object of her thoughts sitting alone at a table, sipping coffee while absorbed in his writing. At a distance, she spotted the other male in the coffee house working on something and also drinking a cup of java.

“Hi, Lana! “ said Chloe, approaching the counter to order an extra large cup of espresso.

“Hi, Chloe! You've come for your usual dose of caffeine, haven't you? “

“You bet. Dad's only got instant coffee in the larder. It beats me how he can survive on that, “ she grimaced. “ What's up with those two? “ she asked, gesturing towards the former best friends.

“You've noticed, haven't you?

“You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realise there isn't a breach but an abyss between them, “ she smiled knowingly.

“I feel guilty, “ said Lana.

“Guilty? Why on earth would you feel guilty, Lana? “

“This started the day I left for Paris. You should have seen the look on Clark's face when he saw Lex at the airport. “

“At the airport? “

“Yes. Clark arrived late and saw us together. “

“Did Lex kiss you? “

“No. It was just a hug, Chloe. But... well... I had given Clark the opportunity to open up before I left and he chose to turn it down. Then, I met Jason and the rest is history. “

“So that's why Lex and Clark exchanged those glances at court? I've always wondered... “

“What? “

“Nothing. “

“What happened between you and Lex? “

“In what sense? “

“Well, your relationship with him is almost as strained as the one he has with Clark. “

“Why don't you ask him, Lana? Because I don't know. Our break up, if you could call it that way, didn't happen overnight but gradually. And I can't put a finger on what actually occurred yet. “

“Would you rather things were the way they used to be? “

“You must learn it's impossible to turn the clock back, Lana. We're who we are, and there are things that'll never change. Like Clark Kent being in love with Lana Lang. “

“I really don't think... “

“Come on, Lana! “ exclaimed Chloe.

“Would you do me a favour, Chloe? “

“Sure... unless you want me to do the dance the seven veils on the counter to attract more customers, “ she said, grinning widely.

“No, it's nothing like that, “ she cracked a smile. “ I'll take another coffee to Clark and see if we can have an amicable chat. Would you refill Lex's cup? His coffee must be cold already. I don't know what he's working on but he hasn't left that table in the last three hours, “ she said, looking towards his table.

“This wasn't on my list of favourite things to do on a Saturday afternoon but, seeing you're short of personnel... Give me the coffee pot... I guess he won't bite. “

“Thanks, Chloe, “ said Lana, turning round the counter in Clark's direction.

“Miss Sullivan, “ Lex greeted her, leaving his Montblanc on the table.

“Mr Luthor, “ answered Chloe. “ Lana said your coffee must be frozen by now. Would you care for a refill? “

“I'd love a fresh cup, Miss Sullivan, “ responded Lex. “ I thought you'd be in Metropolis on a Saturday, “ he added.

“I don't need to go all the way to Metropolis to get a decent cup of coffee. “

“At least there's something about me you approve of, then. “

“Mm? “ she murmured, raising her eyebrows.

“The last time I checked, Miss Sullivan, I had a share in this business. So... you have to concede there's still a business of mine you can't say anything negative about. “

“Well, now that you mention it... The Talon lacks something Metropolis Java has. “

“And what would that be? “

“Ice-cream... I love their chocolate ice-cream with nuts! “

“I think we can arrange that. Ice-cream's a good idea now the summer's approaching. “

“Do you always think of what you can get out of a business arrangement, Mr Luthor? “

“Why is it that I feel we're not talking about ice-cream here, Miss Sullivan?

“You're a smart guy, Lex, “ she said, reverting to his first name.

“Seeing we're on a first name basis again, Chloe. Why do you care so much about my affairs? “ he asked with a smirk.

“Go to hell, Mr Luthor! “she snapped, walking hurriedly to the counter with the coffee pot.

“Chloe, could you come over here for a minute? “ asked Lana from Clark's table.

“Sure. Let me pick up my things, first, “ she answered, collecting the pile of books she'd borrowed to do some research.

“Hi, Chloe! Sorry I didn't greet you when you came in. I was working on this paper I have to hand in at the beginning of the new semester. “

“Don't worry, Clark. I know we're still friends, “ she responded with a wide smile.

“Hey ! What happened back there? What did he say to upset you? “ asked Clark with a frown.

“Nothing, Clark. He said nothing. The fact is I snapped. I saw him there so cool and composed. I just don't know how he does it. “

“It's just a façade, Chloe. If you caught him unawares, you'd see sometimes the weight of the world upon his shoulders, “ she said, letting her eyes stray to where Lex was sitting.

“Lana, about Tuesday..., “ interrupted Clark, trying to call her attention.

“Yes? “ answered Lana.

“Would you like me to give you a lift to Metropolis? I've got to go to the city to get some things for mum. I wouldn’t mind. “

“Thanks for the offer, Clark, “ she said, smiling sweetly, “ you'd save me two bus tickets, “ she said, kissing him on the cheek.

“Great! “ exclaimed Clark, and Chloe could see her friend was back on cloud nine.

“Well... guys... a research's waiting for me. See you tomorrow, Clark, “ said Chloe, leaving her chair and kissing him goodbye.

“Goodbye, Miss Sullivan, “ said Lex when Chloe passed his table.

“Goodbye, Mr Luthor, “ she answered. “ Enjoy your coffee, “ she added under her breath.

“Lex? “ asked Lana, sitting down at his table. “Am I interrupting? “

“No, it's all right. I'm almost done, “ he answered, recapping his pen.

“I've been talking with Clark and... I think I've hit on a new idea for The Talon. “

“Is this idea yours or Clark's? “

“Does it really matter? “

“If it works, I don't see why it'd matter. “

“Well... I was thinking about offering our customers a new service. It'd be perfect for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or some personal celebration. Instead of buying a bunch of roses, a box of chocolates or any such present, our customers could have breakfast or tea delivered to whoever they wanted to surprise. “

“I've heard of a similar service in Metropolis. “

“Yes, but it isn't offered here yet, and coffee doesn't stay hot or the croissants crispy all the way from Metropolis, “ she added with a smile.

“You've got a point there. The idea needs some work, but it could be practicable. “

“Good. I'll call on you as soon as I get the numbers and the budget. I'll have to talk with Mrs Kent about the supplies. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll finish something and go straight up. I've got to start studying for my astronomy exam. “

“Have you asked our own stargazer to lend you a hand? “

“Lex, couldn't you do something about this? “

“I'm done feeling guilty, Lana. Why is it always me the one who has to take the first step? He was as much my friend as I was his. If he wants to patch up things, he knows where to find me, “ he said, putting away the papers in his briefcase and making his way to the entrance door. “ See you, Lana. “

“Goodbye, Lex. “

CHAPTER 3: The Sunday After


Yesterday I ran into him at The Talon. He was sitting all by himself, working on something. He was so enthralled that he didn't even notice I walked pass his table on my way in. I told myself it didn't matter, that I'd rather have it that way. But who am I kidding? He ignored me when I knew damn well- because I'd been looking through the shop-window before entering- he had been talking to Lana, gracing her with that smile which illuminates his face. Lana. Always Lana. We're roommates and I do my best to like her, but I envy her because she's got the undivided attention of the one person I'm craving to attract.


Chloe came by the coffee shop in the afternoon. She noticed Lex and Clark and the chasm that separates them now. I can't dispel this feeling that's haunting me: I'm to blame. I talk with him and, whenever I mention his former best friend, he cringes or makes some cynical remark. I can't help myself. I always bring his name up. I love him, what else can I say? I'd like them to be friends again, but if I stand in between them- ultimately, someone'll get hurt.


I don't know what brought me to The Talon yesterday. I could have stayed at home and finish what I had to do in the comfort of my study. It must be pure masochism what took me there, and the conscious knowledge that, since she's here in Smallville on holidays, she'd be there. I saw her at the counter talking with her girlfriend and looked at her smile that smile that brightens up her face. I strained my ears, trying to listen to what they were talking about- Clark, I suppose. He's the one on both their minds. She's in love with the guy, and I can't blame her. I wish I could be more like him so that she could love me. I heard her talk with him and saw her grace him with that special smile, the one she reserves for him. She kissed him, a chaste kiss, but what the hell she just said goodbye to me!

Well... what's your impression on this fic thus far?




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finniky01 on August 24th, 2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
Hi, this is Britt. I think I've read this one before, but I still like it. Cool to have all the different points of view. :)
lillianschildlillianschild on August 24th, 2008 09:28 pm (UTC)
Hi, Britt!

It´s nice to see you around here. And yes, you might have read it because I posted it on DTLL and fanfiction.net.

I´m glad you´re willing to read it once again.
atem: Lex Actionkpjmm on September 21st, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
I read this on the Devoted forum and loved it!

I know you pretty much stopped writing Lexana. Anything popping into your head now that you have some time away from it?
lillianschild: tuxlillianschild on September 22nd, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
I haven´t been writing any Lexana and, with Michael no longer being part of the show, the ideas that keep popping up when seeing where they´re taking Chloe are Chlexlike all the time.

I´ve seen Odyssey only to get ideas of where I want Lex and Chloe to end up, and I´m pretty sure I´ll write Chlex fics as an alternate version of Smallville, which died the day Lex and Lionel left the show. Arctic was the end to me, and I was planning on watching the new season only to be updated about the plot just in case Michael agreed to appear in the season finale. However, his word´s final and therefore, the only thing left for me to do is to write my own version of the season for Lex.
atemkpjmm on September 23rd, 2008 01:12 am (UTC)
Yeah, the show is over for me too. I know what you mean. I wish there was more scenes between them, but AU is fun.