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16 June 2008 @ 01:38 am
The Love of Two Men (PG-13)- Chlex, Drama/Romance/Mystery: Chapters 1 to 3  

Summary:A heartbroken Chloe leaves Smallville at 17 and builds a successful career in NY. Destiny brings her to Gotham, where she falls for a mysterious guy, only to find herself in the Luthors´crossfire again. Will she be able to escape unscathed this time ?

Disclaimer: all Superman and Smallville characters belong to DC Comics and Gough & Millar. The characters from Batman's universe belong to Bob Kane and DC Comics. No Infringement's intended.

Author: lexie




A/N: This fic won the April Sci-fi Contest of myfandoms.com (2008)

A/N 2: Although Chloe and Lex will be paired with other partners at the beginning of this story, this fic is Chlex centred. It was my third endeavour with them as the leading characters ( If you haven't read them before, check out my other Chlex fics: ' Second Chances ' and ' Payback Time '. ) .

Here are the first three chapters of my new fic. Enjoy ! And remember, I love feedback so don't hesitate to leave your review once you're done.


CHAPTER 1: The Introduction

Bruce Wayne's Mansion

Chloe Sullivan had never felt comfortable around opulence. She had experienced it first-hand when she was an idealistic teenage reporter back in Smallville. Even though Gabe had taught her not to judge people by their economic or social status, she had learnt the hard way that the wealthy couldn't be trusted for, sooner or later, they'd show their true colours.

Bruce Wayne's world was a world Chloe wanted to escape from, because it brought too many painful memories, and only a debt like the one she owed to Vicki Vale could drag her to a cocktail party at Wayne's Mansion. Her old university classmate was the first friend she made when she moved from Kansas to Gotham, running away from heartbreak. The hand Vicki had given her, when she knew no one in the city, was something Chloe would never forget.

“ Wayne certainly knows how to live ! “ said Chloe's cousin Lois, letting her gaze roam round the ballroom.

“ It isn't gold all that glitters, Lois, “ stated Chloe.

“ You're too cynical for a girl your age, Chloe. Not all rich guys are like Luthor. Why can't you give Wayne the benefit of the doubt ? After all, he's your best friend's boyfriend. Don't you trust her judgement ? “ asked Lois.

“ He reminds me too much of him. Bruce knows how to charm a woman. I just hope he won't discard her when he finds out she's no longer of use to him. “

“ Try to put on a bright face, cuz. Do it for me ! I've come here with the idea of having a good time. Don't be a wet blanket, pleeease, “ Lois beseeched her.

“OK.OK. I promise I'll be on my best behaviour, “ she said, flashing her trademark smile.

“ That's much better, Chlo'. “

“ Hi, girls ! Ready to party after that tedious journalism workshop ? “ intervened Vicki.

“ I think Chloe could use a glass of champagne, Vicki, “ stated Lois.

“ Chloe, I know how you hate these events but I couldn't bear to think of you sitting by yourself in that hotel room on a Saturday night. “

“ Who's that gorgeous creature, Wayne ? “ asked a tall young man in a dinner jacket.

“ Which of the two young ladies are you referring to ? “ responded the CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

“ The green-eyed goddess standing next to your girlfriend. “

“ That's Chloe Sullivan, an old classmate of Vicki's. She's a reporter at the New York Times. The beautiful lady to her right is her cousin Lois Lane, the well-known Daily Planet reporter. “

“ Chloe Sullivan, you said ? “ asked the young man speculatively.

“ Yes, that's right. “

“ Could you introduce me, Wayne ? “

“ You've got excellent taste, my friend. Certainly, I'll introduce you. Come, “ he said, walking in the direction of the three young women.

“ I just have one more favour to ask you, Bruce, “ said the other man, stalling the billionaire. “ Don't tell her who I am. “

“ Why not ? She wouldn't be the woman I think she is if she judged you in advance, “ expressed Wayne.

“ You don't know the whole story, Bruce. She won't have anything to do with me the minute my name leaves your lips. “

“ What are your intentions towards her, if I may ask ? “

“ I just want to meet her. Ther rest's up to her, Bruce. “

“ Be careful. Any friend of Vicki's is my friend. If anything happens to her, there'll be hell to pay. “

“ Don't worry, Wayne. I may not have grown up in your world, but I'm a gentleman. “

“ Good evening, Miss Sullivan, Miss Lane. I'm glad you could make it. “

“ It's a pleasure to be here, Mr Wayne, “ answered Lois with a smile and a strong handshake.

“ Let me introduce you to one of my most trusted men, the youngest manager of Wayne Enterprises, Mr Daniel Fox, “ said Bruce, granting his friend's wish.

The minute Chloe was introduced to Daniel, Lois realised she had witnessed one of those special moments that happen once- or ,if you're lucky, twice- in a lifetime.Too many years had gone by since the last time she saw her cousin so luminous. There was no one else in this world she thought deserved to be happier than Chloe. There had been too much sadness in her life, starting with her mother's abandonment and finishing with unrequited love. Coming to Gotham to attend that blasted workshop hadn't been a complete waste of time after all.

 CHAPTER 2: The Revelation.

Chloe couldn't believe her luck. She had attended that cocktail party reluctantly, simply to humour Vicki and her cousin Lois. In fact, if somebody had told her she would meet there of all places a man that would make her stomach flutter after so many years, she would have laughed in their faces.

The moment Bruce had introduced Daniel to her, she felt she had found a kindred spirit, a young man to whom she felt as connected as to Clark. Their meeting had had such a deep impact on her that she had decided to prolong her stay in Gotham and crashed at Vicki's apartment for a month. However, her temporary visit to the city would eventually turn permanent, when Daniel asked her hand in marriage a few months later, and Chloe decided to give up her job in NY and take another in Gotham's leading newspaper.

“ I'm pleased to see you this happy, Chloe-although everything seems to have happened a little too fast. I was afraid you'd finish your days as an old spinster, “ confessed Vicki.

“ Did you really consider me a lost cause, Vicki ? “

“ Well, I was starting to lose faith. You were too hurt when I met you, and I'm aware you take disappointment too much to heart. “

“ Aren't you afraid of the competition at work, Vicki ? “

“ There's enough room in the newspaper for both of us, Chloe. Gotham has always been rich in stories to write about, and one reporter can't cover all the news. I love having you here. “

“ You're the best friend I could ask for, Vicki. I'm permanently indebted to you. I wouldn't have got this job if it hadn't been for you. “

“ Are you kidding ? With your talent you could have any job you applied for. “

“ Maybe, but there wasn't an opening available . You merely talked the director into creating one for me. “

“ He won't regret his decision. Wait and see. He'll give me a pay rise for the favour I've done him. “

“ Ah ! So helping a friend wasn't the main reason behind this favour. “

“ Oh ! Those must be the boys, “ said Vicki on hearing the bell ring.

“ Good evening, ladies, “ greeted Bruce, walking into the room. “ The chariot's waiting for you downstairs. “

“ Why don't you go ahead, Bruce ? I'd like to have a word with Chloe first, “ said Daniel.

“ Certainly. Vicki, shall we ? “ said Bruce, offering her his arm.

“ We'll wait for you in the car, “ added Vicki, closing the door behind her.

“ You look amazing, Chloe ! Have I told you how lucky I am that you've accepted my proposal ? “

“ About a hundred times, Daniel, “ she responded with a wide smile.” What was it that you wanted to talk about ? “ she asked, noticing he had turned sober all of a sudden.

“ I hope you'll understand, Chloe. If I had told you this the night we met, you wouldn't have given us a chance. “

“ What are you talking about, Daniel ? You're starting to freak me out. “

“ Remember that I love you, Chloe, and I wouldn't like what I've got to say to stand between us, “ he said, taking her hands in his and motioning her to sit down on the sofa.

“ Is everything all right, Chloe ? “ asked Vicki under her breath once they were at the restaurant.

“ Yes, I'm fine, “ she said, browsing the menu.

“ Have you told her the truth ? “ whispered Bruce to the young man sitting beside him. “What did she say ? “ he added when he saw him nod.

“ She'll give me an answer tomorrow, “ he confessed.

“ Don't worry. She'll accept, “ Bruce reassured him” Well, ladies, what shall we order ? “

Chloe did her best effort to appear collected throughout dinner. Her fiance's revelation had certainly been a shock, but she couldn't blame him for lying to her. She would have never considered going out with him knowing who he was. Now, her mind was in a whirl. Weighing the pros and cons of doing what she felt deep in her heart was giving her a splitting headache. She had promised to have an answer by the following day, and she didn't want to keep him waiting. It would be the second hardest decision of her life; the first being her resolution to leave Smallville behind.

The following morning Chloe phoned the man she'd known as Daniel for six months and asked him to meet her in the park.

“ Have you got your answer ? “ he asked nervously.

“ I have, “ she answered, placing a hand on top of his and squeezing it tightly.

“ You understand I couldn't go through the ceremony without telling you who I was, don't you ? We wouldn't have been legally married if I had lied, “ he explained.

“ I understand why you thought you had to lie to me, and I forgive you for that. Let me ask you one question, though, are you an employee at Wayne Enterprises or was that a lie, too ? “

“ No, Bruce told the truth. I love the idea of earning my own living. Despite the blood that runs through my veins, this is the only life I've ever known, and I don't want for it to change. You know, nobody, except Vicki and Bruce, knows I've asked your hand in marriage, and it can stay like that. My family doesn't need to know. “

“ They're your family. I couldn't ask you to stop seeing them on my account. “

“ I'd do anything not to displease you. “

“ Your name doesn't change what I feel for you, Lucas Luthor. My answer's ' yes'. I'll marry you,” she answered, looking at him straight in the eye.

“ You've made me the happiest man on earth, Chloe Sullivan, “ he responded, kissing her warmly on the lips.

 CHAPTER 3: The Women in Their Lives

“ I'm getting married, bro'. You'll be an uncle in seven months. “

“ That's fantastic news, Lex ! “ exclaimed Lucas, embracing his elder brother. “ Have you told the old man yet ? “

“ I'm not sure I'll invite him to the wedding, Lucas. “

“You're his first born, Lex, and he seems to be changed. “

“ A leopard can't change its spots, Lucas. Don't let yourself be deceived. “

“ When's the big event ? “

“ In two weeks. Will you be my best man, little brother ? “ asked Lex with a warm smile.

“ It'll be an honour, Lex. God, I'm glad for you and Lana ! “

“ I still cannot believe she'll have me, Lucas. It's too good to be true. “

“ You deserve to be as happy as the next man, Lex. “

“ What about you, Lucas ? Is there anybody special in your life ? “ queried Lex, uncorking a bottle of champagne.

“ There is someone. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me, Lex, “ he answered, accepting the glass Lex handed him.

“ Will you bring her to the wedding ? I'd like to meet the woman who can make my little brother blush like an adolescent, “ he added, raising his glass.

“ She's a committed career woman. I'll see what I can do, “ he responded.

“ Let's toast: To the women in our lives. May they end the curse of being a Luthor, “ wished Lex, clinking his glass against his brother's.

Lucas left Luthor Mansion an hour later, thinking about how much he'd reveal to Chloe. He knew Lana had been one of her best friends in her adolescence, but he didn't want to force a meeting with Lex. Still, he felt uncomfortable with the idea of having to make up more lies to keep their marriage a secret.

Lucas was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't notice Lionel was waiting for him by the car.

“ Lucas, it's nice to see you around. What brings you to Smallville ? “

“Good afternoon, father, “ he said, accepting his embrace. “ I'm visiting my only family. Is that a crime ? “

“ Your only family ? What would Miss Sullivan- or shall I say Mrs Luthor- think about that ? “ asked Lionel ironically.

“ How long have you known ? “

“ Lucas, you should know me better than that. I always keep myself informed about my sons. I know you've been married for six months, just as I'm aware that my first born's getting married to Lana Lang in two weeks. I assume he's not inviting me, is he ? “

“ He's thinking about it, “ granted Lucas.

“ It's getting late, son. Your wife must be worried. Send her my regards. “

“ Goodbye, father, “ he greeted Lionel, putting the wedding ring back on.

“ Goodbye, Lucas. Drive carefully, “ he answered, shutting Lucas' car door.

Lionel's relationship with the Kent widow appeared to have changed the old man. Unlike Lex, Lucas still had faith in humankind and was ready to give his father a second chance. The problem was how to convince Chloe to give him the benefit of the doubt when she had helped Lex put him behind bars so many years before.


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Jengreenlady2 on June 16th, 2008 07:04 am (UTC)
This is an interesting setup. I'm not sure Chloe should trust Lucas. I know I don't. And I hope Lex breaks them up, of course. :-)))
lillianschildlillianschild on June 16th, 2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
There´s a lot ahead for the characters. You´ll have to wait and see if your hunch´s right.